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Was there anything Naruto could possibly say that'd make him feel worse? It seemed to snap the other boy back into reality, for he jumped slightly and blushed deeply. Naruto does not want to have a threesome, Naruto does not want to have a threesome, Naruto does not want to have a threesome… "Why should I like Ino? Suddenly, he got a nasty idea. But what did it all mean? And now, here he was, completely naked, sitting next to an almost completely naked Naruto, a thought that made his hairs and few other things stand on end. Needless to say, Sasuke was staring.

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Naruto was standing shakily, knees locked, and covering his open mouth with both hands.

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He really tried not to notice how it ran down his stomach muscles and soak into the towel in his lap. Shaking his head, Naruto turned and headed back to his spot, where Sasuke was waiting, picking at a spot on his washcloth, the lightest trace of pink tinting his cheeks. Naruto blushed faintly, before repeating what he had said. It was hot, but not too hot. He jumped when he felt the ghost of a touch and a hot breath on his cheek. In one harsh movement, Sasuke pushed his knees away from his chest. Somewhat fuzzily, he looked up at his savior.

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naruto naked in bathhouse
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naruto naked in bathhouse
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