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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Felicia has been well received by fans and critics as one of the Darkstalkers series' top characters as well as for her sex appeal. She destroys a few of the robots before being overwhelmed, but she is saved when the werewolf Jon Talbain intervenes. That said, her epic return in Marvel VS Capcom 3 made up for it, and is arguably her most detailed fighting game incarnation to date. The character was originally envisioned by Capcom producer and Darkstalkers original creator Alex Jimenez as a beautiful long-legged African vampiress who could transform into a jaguar.

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Darkstalkers just wouldn't be the same without her.

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No fighting game babe ever showed quite as much skin as as Felicia Archived from the original on October 7, In this interpretation of Felicia, her origin is not mentioned, and she is ambivalent to organized religion. Battle Combination [5] and Onimusha Soul redesign to fit it feudal Japan theme [6]. Darkstalkers' RevengeFelicia is shown as already having a certain amount of success as an entertainer and is just starting a tour in the human world with her own traveling show. This kitty cat should be put down for good. Behind Morrigan, she's likely the most well known Darkstalker, and has had cameos and playable appearances in multiple games.

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felicia from dark stalker nude
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