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Try to think more than one move ahead, and don't let your anger get in the way. No matter how imperfect? With those sorts of luxuries, I could crouch down and lick any hand. They just did what their religion demands of them. It's either the "all liberals hate America" mindset or the "all conservatives are fascists" one and I can't stand it. And that's where we get Indimedia, Ted Rall and the rest.

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After several years of Al-Qaeda realising that America won't surrender to terrorism either, the same genocidal attitude they have towards Jews now is applied to all Americans.

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That's a red herring, too. These fundamentalists kill because they feel superior to their victims. We fell for that one, big time. If I were them, I'd do something that would generate a sense of moral mission and moral entitlement among Americans, for what amounts to an oil grab. The real question is:

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