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I told him my predicament and he suggested having Suzie the lodge receptionist take me to the mall while my husband and him spent some time going over plans for the next 5 days. I could instantly feel the heat of her pussy and the throb, the need for pleasure. The employee was very familiar with it, even stated how beautiful it was there. After getting his luggage, we went to the car rental counter and rented a nice SUV. We finally got him out of his jeans and boxers and there stood a very stiff cock just waiting for some fun.

His favourite past time second to sex is hunting.

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When he stood up again, I took his hard dick back into my mouth sucking every inch of him, suddenly the door opened and there stood my husband holding his bow and a look of pure shock on his face! I went downstairs about 7am and found Suzie eating breakfast with a few others. I reached up and felt one of her breasts feeling that her nipples were already rock hard as my own. The lady at the airline counter was very rude which did not help my mood. She had already taken his pants off of him sucking his hard cock and fingering her own wet pussy. I went over to my husband and took his cock and shoved it into my mouth sucking his cock clean and savouring his wonderful taste as well. He quickly became as hard as I had ever seen it.

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