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Malamuth, Addison, and Koss Open access to the SEP is made possible by a world-wide funding initiative. Sex with persons incapable of giving genuine consent, made into a public spectacle via pornography, expands the temporal and spatial parameters of the crime. Garry also questions whether treating a woman as a sex object is always bad, and suggests that pornography succeeds in harming women, in part, because viewers assume that sex is generally harmful to women Garry Haycroft,Male ProstitutionNew York: Third, making authors responsible for the criminal actions that their work may inspire is likely to have a chilling effect on valuable expression.

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These ends include the desire to economically benefit from their sexual attractiveness within the conventional boundaries set by various genres of sexual representation and entertainment.

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Feminist Perspectives on Sex Markets

Davis notes where current employment law in the U. Rights, Resistance, and RedefinitionNew York: Markets that subvert or erode fundamental moral and political values should be suppressed, according to Debra Satz. The challenge is to devise policies that prevent the recruitment of children and socially vulnerable people as providers, and that also protect the rights of those who enter such markets even with informed consent. Ferguson and Hartley Although she notes some problems with her research design, she concludes that her. However, she also suggests that the illocutionary force of pornography may be blocked effectively by the speech acts of its critics, rather than by censorship Langton

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